• Will this fit on my vehicle?
    • Please have a look at our Will it Fit section.  If you didn't find the answer to your question feel free to email us.  We will get back to you ASAP but please understand that we get a lot of these requests.

  • How much weight can they hold?
    • Although we have not sent a Car Hammock to have it formally tested, we have had couples totaling 310lbs and large men weighing in at 255lbs.

  • Can they hold more than one person?
    • Short answer is YES.  However, with any hammock, it will funnel everything in it to the center making for a cozy experience.  Sleeping head to toe is the best way to go for this scenario.

  • How tall of a person can fit?
    • Although the OG Car Hammock is only 5.5' long it can fit a person up to 6'3" by laying in the hammock diagonally.  Once you get above 6'3" your feet may hang off or you'll have to curl up a bit.

  • What colors are available?
    • As of right now we only offer black.  If the demand increases for colors we will take it into consideration.