Car Hammock Vehicle Compatibility

4-Door Sedans


The Car Hammock OG was designed for 4-Door Sedans!

Pictured - 2009 Nissan Altima

See below for incompatible features.



Although we cannot guarantee that it will fit on your truck, we have had customers fit the Car Hammock OG on double cab size trucks.  

Pictured - 2013 Toyota Tacoma TRD

SUVs with Open Rails


The Car Hammock XL is the best solution.  With an open rail system you shouldn't have any anchoring issues.

Pictured - 2013 Ford Escape

See below for incompatible features

SUVs with Closed/No Rails


The Car Hammock XL is still going to work but the anchoring system is a bit trickier.  Please email with questions.  

Pictured - Loops tied into roof strap creating anchor points.

2-Door Sedans


Sorry, due to the mechanics of 2-Door sedans and the laws of physics, we cannot offer a product that fits on 2-Door sedans. . . . but we are working on it.



Although we cannot guarantee fit on the millions of vehicle types out there, our customers have found ways to make a Car Hammock fit on vans, minivans, jeeps, and even outside of vehicles.

Pictured - Unknown Van (submitted by customer)

Incompatible Features

Flush Hoods


Pictured you will see the hood hook that needs to fit into the hood for the Car Hammock OG to function.  Some vehicles have flush hoods that do not have a large enough gap to fit the hook into.

Bug Shields


Bug shields pose a similar problem to flush hoods.  If a bug shield exists then the hood hooks will not be able to attach with the Car Hammock OG.

Poorly Reclining Seats


Some vehicles have seats that do not recline very far.  If you have one of these vehicles you will risk having your butt hit those seats while resting.  

Affects Car Hammock OG.

Wired Headrests


Some vehicles have automatic headrests and therefore are not easily removed.  If your vehicle has these, and especially accompanied by poorly reclining headrests, then you may end up resting with your back on the headrests.

Affects Car Hammock OG

Short Cars


The distance between pillar A and pillar C cannot be too short or the hammock will sag to an uncomfortable level.  Measuring from the front door jamb, halfway up the windshield, to the rear door jamb.  If that measurement is shorter than 5.5 feet, you may have an issue.



There are so many makes and models of vehicles with varying features that it is impossible for us to confirm compatibility on everything.  If you have a specific question, please email us and we will do our best to answer.